Calais Armory

Calais, ME

Cornerspring Montessori School

Recently featured in Maine Home and Design magazine.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Administration Facility

Closed-Loop Geothermal Heating and Cooling System with Water to Air Heat Pumps. Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water Heating System with Evacuated-Tube Solar System. Energy Recovery Ventilation for Efficient Indoor Air Quality. Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures.

Ft Fairfield Schools Biomass Boilers

3,000,000 BTU/hr wood fired biomass boiler utilized to offset #2 fuel oil use at both High/Middle School and Elementary School. The Biomass boiler injects hot water into both schools hydronic systems. The Existing oil boilers at each school only fire during very cold conditions, which are short and infrequent periods. 2600 feet of belowgrade pre-Insulated PEX Piping connect the two systems.

Military Street Baptist Church

19,970 square feet of in-floor radiant tubing, that’s almost a half acre for those of you at home keeping score. Restroom facilities.

Land Port of Entry

Land Port of Entry is a LEED certified building featuring an outdoor air handling unit that houses an air to air heat pump for the cooling and first stage of heating, second stage of heating is a modulating condensing gas burner, back-up heat is through a modulating condensing gas fired boiler that provides heat to perimeter baseboard. A solar thermal (flat-plate) is utilized for domestic hot water heating, with propane fired back-up. Security and emergency plumbing fixtures, as well as efficienct low-flow plumbing fixtures throughout the facility.

Baxter State Park Pellet Boiler Project

Two OkoFEN pellet boilers that are fully automated firing and cleaning. At approximately 400 MBH output, the two modulating boiler will work to handle the base heating load in a lead/lag cascading function, the existing oil boiler will only fire during peak heat load conditions which happen very infrequently and for short durations. The heating system will serve the Headquarters Building and Maintenance shop, belowgrade pre-insulated PEX piping connects the two buildings.

Houlton Jr/Sr High School & SAVE Woodchip Biomass Boiler Project

720 KW (2457 MBH) woodchip biomass boiler utilized to offset #2 fuel oil use at the MSAD #29 / SAVE campus. Biomass boiler injects hot water into both Jr/Sr High School hydronic system and SAVE building hydronic system. Existing oil boilers only fire during very cold conditions, which are short and infrequent periods. Other system features: Buffer Tank (accumulator tank), Pre-Insulated PEX Piping, Circulator Pumps on VFD (variable frequency drive), Water to Water Heat Exchanger, Building Automated Controls (BAS)

Lakeside Cottage

Year round thermal conditioning through modulating condensing gas boiler, high efficient air conditioning systems, Warmboard in-floor radiant heating, hidden radiators, and forced hot-air. LEED certified home. Energy recovery ventilator for maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Elegant kitchen & bath fixtures.

Market Square Commons Heating Systems

3 – 110 MBH pellet boilers serve in a lead-lag & cascade sequence to meet the base heating load. A modulating condensing propane boiler is utilized to shave the peak heating loads. Solar thermal system is implemented to heat the domestic hot water, boilers serve as a back-up. Pellets are delivered to 3 dedicated silo, augered over to respective pellet boilers.